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Health Coaching Buddies

Learn How to Coach Each Other to

Motivate Healthy Habits  


Are you and your loved ones:

  • Stuck with your unhealthy habits?
  • Concerned, frustrated or even guilty about not changing?
  • Feeling hopeless and on the verge of giving up?

Use one method to change any unhealthy habit:

Lose weight, exercise more, eat healthy, quit smoking, etc …


Develop Health Coaching Skills  

for Everyday Life


Go beyond surface change

  • Increasing your knowledge
  • Setting goals with good intentions
  • Making action plans

Surface change does not work for most people.

Learn how to make deep change

  • Reduce your resistance and increase your motivation
  • Develop individual and mutual accountability
  • Discover what deep change you need to make  …

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Create Your Own Team of Health Coaching Buddies

Begin your learning journey and create healthy stories together.



Calling on All Health Practitioners, Staff and Students

Improve your own health habits before helping your patients and their families do the same

At all levels, we can build movements, for the people and led by the people to amplify healthy outcomes. 


Family Physician 
Health Movement Architect
Founder of Health Coaching Buddies

Become Changemakers:

Lead the Next Health Movement

Healthcare systems will never have enough practitioners to:

  • Reverse the epidemics of unhealthy habits
  • Prevent premature deaths and chronic diseases
  • Add good-years-to-life despite chronic diseases

Our closed mindsets will never overcome the constraints of 1-to-1 clinical encounters and 1-to-n population health programs.

We must open our closed mindsets to:

  • Create (n-to-n) peer health coaching networks at all levels
  • Develop leadership, professional and social movements
  • Build health movements to reduce health inequities

Use the Changemaker’s guidebook to discuss questions designed to evoke self-reflection and group dialogues about how to open, expand and align our mindsets.

Organize workshops for leadership and change management teams about how to implement the Health Coaching Buddies learning system.

To begin your learning journey.

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